Friday, 4 February 2011

Some golden oldies from the first year of uni!

I was sifting through my hard-drive just now I stumbled across some of the work I did in the first year of University. Here they are enjoy.

The six above drawings were all done for a project on covering a Dell laptop, 
unfortunately I can't find the overall finished images of when they were applied to the laptop itself.

These two images for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert were made 
from a sand sculpture done on the beach and then attacked with Photoshop.

The five pictures above were for a project based around editorial pieces in the Guardian.
Each piece had to be created using different materials. 
From 1st of the 5 images: created in illustrator, scraper-board and photoshop, lino print and dried tea,
photograph and photoshop and lastly, newpapers, ink and bleach. 

This piece was done for an elective in my first year. 
The final is made up of 700 or so images of people from halls' faces scanned
with a normal printer/scanner.

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