Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Second Year work scavenge!

Seeing as I had posted my first year university artwork I thought I'd go on the hunt for the artwork I had done in the second year. 

This was supposed to be a design that would have
eventually made it onto a t-shirt.


The images shown above are the final pieces for a module we did
on graphic novels and children's picture books. 
I'm actually really happy at how they turned out. 

This was actually meant to be a self-portrait of some kind,
I'm happy at how it came out considering it was one of my Illustrator pieces.

These pictures were all for a module on book covers.
I have shown the developmental pictures as I think they are interesting to see.

My final piece of an advert for Plastic Surgery.

The image above shows the characters I created
 for a packaging project, which was for condoms.
All of the animals have been drawn to look like they
have been made of of condoms and represent their respective types:
featherlite, tingle, variety, XL, Extra Safe.

These pieces are all from my Illustrator elective to redesign classic
book covers. Heavily inspired by Jasper Goodall.

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