Sunday, 24 April 2011

Arriva Progress

Not much to report really just working on my final for Arriva Trains Project.
Thought I'd post up how it's looking at the moment. :)


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Face of Arriva

After a couple of hours of drawing and rubbing out and then re-drawing I've
finally got the face of the woman on my poster for Arriva trains DONE and I'm
finally happy!!

All comments and criticisms are appreciated,

cheers Dan :)

The Progress of November

Hey everyone, just thought I'd post a photo of the progress November's piece, Spite is coming along. 


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

November thus far....

This is just a quick post to show you guys what November's diary final will look like, enjoy!!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Business Card

I finally got around to doing my business card and a banner for the blog today, 
I say this, I had already designed it all before but I lost it due to my laptop overheating
and me not saving it.... D'oh!!

Here is the business card the front is at the top and the back is underneath,
hope you like them people.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

October... done!!

Here it is. October is done now. Revolving around the theme of isolation as you probably
read in the previous post about this particular piece.

I decided to change the black writing to the white as it pops more and kind
of looks like neon writing signs.

Comments and criticisms appreciated,

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The new work environment...

Now I've broken up for the final Easter holidays whilst I'm at university
I'm having to all my final work back home in Bristol, and my room is
about a third of the size of the one in Swansea. 

I'm finding it hard as am so cramped in my room but c'est la vie. 
It's just another hurdle to get my BA I suppose. I've been working solidly for the past
week and a half now touching up all my sketchbooks, diaries and research folders. 
With all the work I have to do it'll be a miracle if I can have a spare few moments
for myself. The piece of work in the photo is one of the finals for my diary project called October: Isolation.

Though with all this work I get to experiment alot with all my new pens, be it the new
Uni Posca pens or my Letraset Tria and Copic Markers. I do love my pens a little too much I must admit. 


October: Isolation

This is the piece so far for the October section of my diary project.
Based off of the feeling of isolation I've used images of tears splashing with
someone inside of the tear to convey the feeling.
The wording obviously helps this...

sorry about the photo quality.