Thursday, 24 March 2011

Prelim sketch: Queen of Swords

Hey guys and girls,
I know I said I'd post sooner but unfortunately what with getting sketchbooks,
mock ups and finals done I haven't had a spare minute for myself,
let alone the blog.

Here is the mock up for one of my three tarot cards I'll hopefully be exhibiting
in my final year course exhibition.

I wanted a queen of swords who wasn't wearing a dress like most of the
tarot decks have her in, I can see how this piece may look along the lines of 
fantasy art, but I was aiming more towards a sort of Joan of Arc approach.

As always all comments and criticisms are welcomed.

Cheers, Dan

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

First Diary Final: September

I actually finished this about a week or so ago. 
This is the first of the (hopefully) 9 pieceswhich will correspond to the diaries 
I've been doing for one of my final major projects.
I'm glad at the results, considering how the biro 
work in the background could have gone wrong.

This piece is about an event in September when someone
decided to casually threaten me with the sentence...
"I'd watch what you say or I'll break your arms!"

So I responded with this...

... as usual all comments and criticisms are appreciated.

Peace y'all :)


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Plastic Toy Project

A while back when my sister came to visit me in Swansea,
we were shopping and came across some kids plastic bath toys and we bought
a few bags of them.

When we got back to my house we started to attack them with some
Uni Posca pens, and to be honest I was quite proud how they turned out
considering that I'd never even thought that the pens would have
worked on plastic.

Here is one of the ones I'm quite proud of...

... watch this space and you might even see more of the little blighters!


Phew!! Breather!

Hi there people, after a few weeks of trying to figure out how the hell to sort this little problem with some of the pictures on here just disappearing for no logical reason.

I've reposted the images in their respective original posts on here.

Just doing some artwork now for my final major projects, I've had requests to put up some scans from the major project which is pretty much a dear diary project, up on here to show everyone the days of referral for the final pieces which will be making an appearance soon enough.

Watch this space :)