Monday, 27 June 2011

Time for a catch up!!

After a month of trying to get everything in order and sort out my life I am back.
I have new artwork, new news and yadda yadda yadda lol.

First off I want to let you all know that even if you aren't a follower of the blog but still read the updates along with the others, I really appreciate all of the comments I'm getting
about the blog, the artwork itself, it means a lot to know that this is actually being seen, talked about etc. So once again, thank you all :)


Since the last post I was selected alongside another 19 people from the Illustration Course to represent SMU (Swansea Metropolitan University) at New Designers in London. I'll put a link up here so those of you who don't know what it is can have a nosey...

... in a nut shell, it's a ruddy big deal and to be honest it's the only thing I've wanted from the course. I've tried my best and it seems it's payed off for once.

Also since the last post, I was contacted by the people of Arriva to ask if I would create another piece to accompany the piece I had showed them previously (see below). This meant a lot too as I wasn't really sure if it would be anything they could use in their "LOVE THE TRAIN" campaign for the future. So I have done the accompanying piece which is also below. Let me know what you guys think!!

That's pretty much me at the moment, apart from stressing about New Designers and moving back home to Bristol in less then a week. OH YEAH! I passed my degree!! So I'll be graduating on the 13th of July so expect a lot of pics from that day haha.

As always all comments and criticisms are appreciated,


Arriva Piece 1.

Below is a set of photos of the second piece which I've been working on the past few weeks.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Hectic Few Weeks....(Arriva, Tarot, Harms and Calms & Arboretum Exhibition)

Hey guys, I have to apologize for not updating the blog since April but it's been a hectic few weeks being the final few of my BA in General Illustration. Since I last posted I've managed to complete the Arriva Trains poster. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of how it finally looked as it has been submitted now, but this was the last photo I took of it. The only differences being that in the background where the fellow is walking off, a bin, notice board and the walls were added/coloured.

TAROT PROJECT: Queen of Swords

The Tarot card project I started has also bore some fruit in that it has been completed and interest has been shown in the piece, so much so it might end up actually becoming a set in the future. I've decided to upload some photos of how I got to the final piece of my tarot card.

This was the prelim sketch I did, which ended up being used in the brochure to our exhibition which I'll mention later on in this post.

After looking at the initial sketch I decided that the main figure of the piece needed a change in how she looked facial as well as hair and diadem. These are two are some sketches I did as possible outcomes of how the "Queen" might look.

This was the final look I went for, using a wing for her head piece/eye patch whilst keeping her hair feathered but not O.T.T.

Just a few snaps of how the final started to look when I initially started to ink it in. 

After many hours of doing the detailing in the armor, using a scalloping technique, the inking of the hair started and I decided not to use flat block colour as there would be too much of that once the black framing had been completed.

At this point I though it'd be best to add the harsh thick black lines which would make up the individual "panes of glass" considering the overall outcome of the piece was to make it look like it could be stained glass. 

After all the framing had been completed and the details all finished this is how the final looked, I've taken pictured from different angles to show how much detailing was involved in this piece overall.

HARMS & CALMS PROJECT: Update and Finals

As regards to my major project of the year, Harms & Calms, a lot has happened. The last post I did for it this project showed the final for November almost completed. Since then I've finished the piece and created another 2!!

This is how November: Spite, ended up looking, I have to say I'm happy at how the core of the apple turned out as I wasn't too sure which shades of colours to use. 

For Decembers final, December: Lament, I used the entry in my diary/journal from Christmas day where we were told we had to say our final goodbye's to my Aunt whom had fought cancer for a long time. I used a Christmas tree for the obvious reason but I wanted to show a withering one as it is a sign of becoming weaker, which my Aunt obviously was during her fight with the disease. The photos that follow are the only ones I have on my laptop at the moment but once I have been given all my work back from my final submission to uni I'll post the finished piece up...

The quotes comes from a Placebo song entitled "Song to Say Goodbye", I thought it would be appropriate as during the Christmas season all you hear are carols, Christmas songs etc and my Aunt was quite the musical woman as she would sing songs every now and then which I'll miss her for.

The final piece I have done for this particular project is for January and the reason it is my final piece to go in the series is because my Aunty May passed away on the 8th of January, needless to say this was the single moment during this month that deserved attention more so then any other. Her funeral also fell in January, naturally, so I though instead on doing a piece about the day she died to do a piece which symbolized how the funeral went and how us as a family felt knowing that she was not in any more pain anymore...

This piece's name is January: Emotions, using one of my Aunt's favourite flowers as the central focus of the piece I wanted to keep everything about her and her funeral whilst not making it overwhelmingly sad. During her funeral her great grandchildren each released balloons with wishes/messages attached into the sky, needless to say that's why I have the balloons present in this piece. The quote "How I Wish" comes from an old rhyme she used to sing to all the children in our family. It's something I'll never forget about her. As for the butterfly, the white butterfly symoblizes May herself and the fact that even though she has left our side we know that she is around us. :)

FINALLY: Arboretum Exhibition

On the 5th of this month me and my fellow BA Hons Illustrators studying at Swansea Metropolitan University (SMU) opened our final year degree show entitled Arboretum. After spending days on getting everything ready and finalized for the exhibition we all took pictures of our work and these are mine, enjoy :)

I just thought I would place this photo of all the work before it went to the printers/scanners etc. You can actually see how the Arriva Train and December final for Harms & Calms came out too.

These are photos of my work up in the Arboretum Exhibition which was held at the Grand Theatre in Swansea. I was fortunate to get two places around the exhibition. The black and white print to the right was a piece I had created for my parents around Christmas just as a reminder to smile during hard times, something they used to teach me and my sister when were kids.

Regardless of who you are when you are doing art and the many different fields of it which go to make it up as a whole, you HAVE to have a photo of you and your artwork and this is mine haha.

I didn't actually realize how much I have done since my last blog post but there you go.

Cheers again and all comments and criticisms appreciated as usual.

Dan (BGD)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Arriva Progress

Not much to report really just working on my final for Arriva Trains Project.
Thought I'd post up how it's looking at the moment. :)


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Face of Arriva

After a couple of hours of drawing and rubbing out and then re-drawing I've
finally got the face of the woman on my poster for Arriva trains DONE and I'm
finally happy!!

All comments and criticisms are appreciated,

cheers Dan :)

The Progress of November

Hey everyone, just thought I'd post a photo of the progress November's piece, Spite is coming along. 


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

November thus far....

This is just a quick post to show you guys what November's diary final will look like, enjoy!!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Business Card

I finally got around to doing my business card and a banner for the blog today, 
I say this, I had already designed it all before but I lost it due to my laptop overheating
and me not saving it.... D'oh!!

Here is the business card the front is at the top and the back is underneath,
hope you like them people.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

October... done!!

Here it is. October is done now. Revolving around the theme of isolation as you probably
read in the previous post about this particular piece.

I decided to change the black writing to the white as it pops more and kind
of looks like neon writing signs.

Comments and criticisms appreciated,

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The new work environment...

Now I've broken up for the final Easter holidays whilst I'm at university
I'm having to all my final work back home in Bristol, and my room is
about a third of the size of the one in Swansea. 

I'm finding it hard as am so cramped in my room but c'est la vie. 
It's just another hurdle to get my BA I suppose. I've been working solidly for the past
week and a half now touching up all my sketchbooks, diaries and research folders. 
With all the work I have to do it'll be a miracle if I can have a spare few moments
for myself. The piece of work in the photo is one of the finals for my diary project called October: Isolation.

Though with all this work I get to experiment alot with all my new pens, be it the new
Uni Posca pens or my Letraset Tria and Copic Markers. I do love my pens a little too much I must admit. 


October: Isolation

This is the piece so far for the October section of my diary project.
Based off of the feeling of isolation I've used images of tears splashing with
someone inside of the tear to convey the feeling.
The wording obviously helps this...

sorry about the photo quality.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Prelim sketch: Queen of Swords

Hey guys and girls,
I know I said I'd post sooner but unfortunately what with getting sketchbooks,
mock ups and finals done I haven't had a spare minute for myself,
let alone the blog.

Here is the mock up for one of my three tarot cards I'll hopefully be exhibiting
in my final year course exhibition.

I wanted a queen of swords who wasn't wearing a dress like most of the
tarot decks have her in, I can see how this piece may look along the lines of 
fantasy art, but I was aiming more towards a sort of Joan of Arc approach.

As always all comments and criticisms are welcomed.

Cheers, Dan

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

First Diary Final: September

I actually finished this about a week or so ago. 
This is the first of the (hopefully) 9 pieceswhich will correspond to the diaries 
I've been doing for one of my final major projects.
I'm glad at the results, considering how the biro 
work in the background could have gone wrong.

This piece is about an event in September when someone
decided to casually threaten me with the sentence...
"I'd watch what you say or I'll break your arms!"

So I responded with this...

... as usual all comments and criticisms are appreciated.

Peace y'all :)


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Plastic Toy Project

A while back when my sister came to visit me in Swansea,
we were shopping and came across some kids plastic bath toys and we bought
a few bags of them.

When we got back to my house we started to attack them with some
Uni Posca pens, and to be honest I was quite proud how they turned out
considering that I'd never even thought that the pens would have
worked on plastic.

Here is one of the ones I'm quite proud of...

... watch this space and you might even see more of the little blighters!


Phew!! Breather!

Hi there people, after a few weeks of trying to figure out how the hell to sort this little problem with some of the pictures on here just disappearing for no logical reason.

I've reposted the images in their respective original posts on here.

Just doing some artwork now for my final major projects, I've had requests to put up some scans from the major project which is pretty much a dear diary project, up on here to show everyone the days of referral for the final pieces which will be making an appearance soon enough.

Watch this space :)


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Simply Amazing!!

Even though I try to avoid using colour in my own work, I find it fascinating to see in other peoples. The video above shows the process Holton Rower uses to create these psychedelic pieces. To it simply, they are beautiful especially when time lapsed.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just a touch of love...

Above: The final handrawn sketch from my sketchbook.
Below: Final outcome.

This year to help with the funding our course decided to 
have a Valentine's Day card sale with some of our designs on them.
This is the piece that I submitted.
Keeping to the Art Nouveau theme that I love
so much of course!

Christmas Card :)

This year in uni I was lucky enough to have a design I re-worked
get accepted by Swansea Metropolitan. However as I didn't know
Illustrator that well they asked Tom Ward
to finish the piece up in the program. 
So I tried my best and this was my version
 which I am very happy about.