Saturday, 9 April 2011

The new work environment...

Now I've broken up for the final Easter holidays whilst I'm at university
I'm having to all my final work back home in Bristol, and my room is
about a third of the size of the one in Swansea. 

I'm finding it hard as am so cramped in my room but c'est la vie. 
It's just another hurdle to get my BA I suppose. I've been working solidly for the past
week and a half now touching up all my sketchbooks, diaries and research folders. 
With all the work I have to do it'll be a miracle if I can have a spare few moments
for myself. The piece of work in the photo is one of the finals for my diary project called October: Isolation.

Though with all this work I get to experiment alot with all my new pens, be it the new
Uni Posca pens or my Letraset Tria and Copic Markers. I do love my pens a little too much I must admit. 


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